Suggested Readings

The following is neither an exhaustive bibliography nor a list of sources cited, but rather what it says -- a list of suggested further readings, combining some introductory and some specialized works. Additional bibliography on particular questions can readily be found in the notes, and most of the works cited in the notes as well as the references below contain ample bibliography themselves.

I have subdivided this list of readings into three categories which may at times overlap, but consider the subdivisions still to be of more help than one lengthy alphabetical listing. Within each of the three subdivisions, I list the entries alphabetically, but for a particular author I list them chronologically. At times I have included a few annotations that may be of further help.

I. The Crucifixion, Death, and Servanthood of Jesus

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II. The Resurrection, Exaltation, and Lordship of Jesus

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III. History, Historiography, Faith, and the Formation of the Christian Scriptures

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