Some Remembrances of Fr. Ralph Powell


  1. Brothers remember at the Wake. June 15, River Forest: Peter Hereley, Frank Quinn, Benedict Ashley, Jack O'Malley and Ralph's brother, DeSales Powell. In RealAudio 14 minutes

  2. Photos from the Friday gathering for the Office of the Dead. PHOTOS

  3. Don Goergen's Homily at the Funeral [Don walked around with a remote microphone, which didn't work well if at all. The clarity of the recoding varies.] In RealAudio

  4. Ed Ruane's Postcommunion Comments at the Funeral. In RealAudio

  5. Curriculum Vitae of Fr. Ralph Austin Powell

  6. In July of 1993, Fr. Tom O'Meara persuaded Fr. Ralph to sit down with him and a tape recorder and tell the remarkable story of the amazing journey of the mind and spirit which made up his life. Here in four 40 minute parts is that interview, in RealAudio.
           Part 1: His life at home and as a student in Europe. powell1.rm
           Part 2: Mentors in the US, and the discovery of his vocation powell2.rm
           Part 3: The first half of his Dominican life, River Forest & Rome. powell3.rm
           Part 4: Dubuqe and Ecumenism; St. Louis and semiotics. powell4.rm

  7. Ralph Stories: His Family Remembers with Love