RALPH AUSTIN POWELL, O.P., Ph.B. , Ph.D. (1914-2001)

1914-1921: Washington, DC: childhood upbringing; 1st and 2nd grades at home

1923: St. Paul's elementary Catholic, 3rd grade

1924: family moves to Chevy Chase, MD; attends Cobb's School, a Bahai school, 4th

1922: Blessed Sacrament School (Holy Cross Sisters), 5th - 8th

1927-31: Georgetown Prep, Garrett Park MD

1931-33: Georgetown University; as radical disciple of Fr. Burke, S.J., who criticized the curriculum as too pagan, Powell refused to continue for 3rd year

1933, September- 1939, Sept. 21, birthday & Ph.D., Louvain, thesis on Lachelier

1939-1940: year at home

1940-1941: Dr. Goetz Briefs gets him job at St. Michael's, Toronto, quits because it was only history of philosophy and not philosophy

1941-1942 studies under Dietrich von Hildebrand and Maritain in New York

1942-1944, asst. prof. at Georgetown

1944, September, joins Dominicans, goes through studies

1950, ordained,

1951/2 De Paul professor

1952/3 Rosary (River Forest) professor

1953/8 professor in studium, Dominican House of Studies Pontifical Faculty, River Forest, Ill.
Publication: Truth or Absolute Nothing. A critique of the idealist philosophy of Jules Lachelier (River Forest, IL: Aquinas Library, 1958).

1958/62 asst prof at the Angelicum, Rome
Publication: "Etiam in am tractatione acatholicorum probatur solum statum catholicum adimplere altissima desideria altissima in humana vita", in Thomstica Morum Principia. Communicationes V Congressus Thomistici Internationalis (Rome, 13-17 September 1960), pp. 442-451.

1962-1968 River Forest professor; authors "The Problem of Identifying More or Less Unitary Beings in Our World" (unpublished and perhaps lost manuscript, c.1967).

1968/70 St. Rose Priory, Dubuque
Publication: "The Late Heidegger's Omission of the Ontic-Ontological structure of Dasein", in Heidegger and the Path of Thinking. ed. John Sallis (Pittsburgh, PA: Duquesne University Press. 1970), 116-137 (volume presented on the occasion of Heidegger's 80th birthday, September 26, 1969).

1970-1981 research, occasional special course

1981- emeritus research professor & occasional seminars. Publications:

1983. "Poinsot as Foil for Doctrinal Considerations on Inexistent Personality in Existent Substance According to C. S. Peirce", in Semiotics 1983, ed. Jonathan Evens and John Deely (Lanham, MD: University Press of America, 1987), 93-104.

1983a. Freely Chosen Reality (Washington, DC: University Press of America).

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1988c. Personal correspondence to author dated 16 December.

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1992. "Voter's Peircean Free Non-Existence", in Semiotics 1992, ed. John Deely and Robert Corrington (Lanham, MD:University Press of America, in press).

2000. "'That a State Establishment of Any Religion Claiming Divine Revelation Is Contrary to Natural Law': The Semiotics of Separation of Church and State", in Semiotics 2000, ed. Scott Simpkins and John Deely (Ottawa, Canada: Letters Press).

Died June 12, 2001; Funeral and Burial with the Midwest Dominican Province