Psalm 143                                                                                   Thursday Morning 4.  Tuesday Compline

Yahweh, hear my prayer; * listen, El, to my plea for mercy.

In your faithfulness answer me; * answer me in your justice.

    But do not bring your servant to court, * since no one alive can be justified before you.

        For the enemy hunted my soul, * ground my life into the underworld.

        He made me dwell in the dark lands, * like the men of the house of eternity.

    My spirit ebbed from me; * within me my heart was desolate.

I remembered the days of antiquity, * and counted all your deeds; * on the works of your hands I meditated.

I stretch out my hands toward you; * here below my parched throat thirsts for you.

Hurry to answer me, Yahweh! * El, my spirit fails!

Should you turn your face from me, * I would resemble those gone down to the Pit.

    Let me hear your kindness at the dawn, * because in you I have trusted.

    Show me the road I must travel, * because to you I have raised my mind.

        Rescue me from my enemies, Yahweh; * my God, truly am I being submerged.

    Teach me to do your will, * because you are my God.

    With your good spirit * lead me * into the level Land.

For your Name's sake, Yahweh, grant me life; * in your justice deliver my life from my adversaries.

In your kindness annihilate my foes, * and destroy all who harass me, * for I am your servant.


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