Psalm 138                                                                                              Tuesday Evening 4

I thank you with all my heart; * before the gods I sing to you.

I prostrate toward your holy temple, * and I thank your Name.

    Through your kindness and your fidelity * you surely glorified * your Name and your promise before all.

    When I called you granted me triumph; * you helped me storm with my ardor strong.

        All the kings of the earth will praise you, Yahweh, * when they hear the words of your mouth.

           And they will sing of Yahweh's dominion: * “How great is the glory of Yahweh!”

        Though Yahweh is the Exalted, * he regards the lowly one; * though the Lofty, he cares even from a distance.

    When I march amid my adversaries, * keep me alive before the fury of my enemies.

    Stretch forth your left hand, * and give me victory with your right hand. * May Yahweh avenge me so long as I live!

Yahweh, your kindness is eternal; * the great work of your hands do not abandon!


Tues Ev 4: Rev 4

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