Psalm 132                                      Thursday Evening 3. Saturday Readings 1

Remember Yahweh, David, * and all his triumphs.

    He who swore to Yahweh, * vowed to the Mighty of Jacob:

        “I will not go home to my bed canopy, * or climb onto the couch set for me.

        I will not give sleep to my eyes, * or to my pupils slumber,

    until I find a place for Yahweh, * a dwelling for the Mighty of Jacob.”

        Look! we heard about it in Ephrathah; * we learned about it in the fields of Jaar.

           Let us go to his dwelling; * let us worship at his footstool.

           Arise, Yahweh, to your resting place, * you and the ark your fortress.

        May your priests be clothed with justice, * and your worshipers shout for joy:

               “For the sake of David your servant, * turn not away the face of your anointed.”

        David, Yahweh has sworn; * truly, he will not change his mind:

           “The fruit of your body * I will set on your throne,

           if your sons keep my covenant, * and my terms which I shall teach them;

        their sons, too, forever * will sit on your throne.

    For Yahweh has chosen Zion; * he has desired it for his seat.

        This is my resting place forever; * here I will sit for I have desired it.

        Its pilgrims I will abundantly bless; * her needy I will satisfy with food.

    Its priests I will clothe with salvation, * and its worshipers will always shout for joy.

There, David, I will make your horn glow; * I will light your lamp, my anointed!

His enemies I will clothe with shame, * but on him will sparkle his crown.”


Thur Evening 3: Rev 11

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