Psalm 116b                                                                                                    Eve before Sunday 3

        I remained faithful though I was pursued, * though I was harassed by Calamity.

        I thought in my alarm, * “Every man is false.”

    How can I return to Yahweh * all his favors to me?

    I will take the cup of salvation, * and invoke the name of Yahweh.

    I will fulfil my vows to Yahweh * before all his people.

        Yahweh views as precious * the death of his worshipers.

    Truly, Yahweh, * I am your servant,

    yes, I am your servant, * your faithful son; * loose my bonds!

    I will offer to you * a sacrifice of thanksgiving, * and call on your name, Yahweh.

I will fulfil my vows to Yahweh * in front of all his people,

in the courts of Yahweh's house, * in the midst of Jerusalem.



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