Psalm 116a                                                                                                    Friday Evening 2

For love of me Yahweh heard * my plea for his mercy.

Yes, he turned his ear to me * even as I called.

    The bands of Death surrounded me, * and emissaries of Sheol overtook me.

    By anguish and grief was I overtaken, * but I invoked the name of Yahweh:

        “I beg you, Yahweh, * deliver my soul!”

    Gracious is Yahweh and just; * our God is merciful.

    Yahweh is the defender of the simple; * I was brought low but he saved me.

        “Return, my soul, to your rest, * for Yahweh has treated you kindly,

        for you, my soul, have been rescued from Death, * you, my eye, from Tears, * you, my foot, from Banishment.

           I shall walk before Yahweh * in the Fields of Life.”


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