Psalm 94                                                                                                    Wednesday Midday 4

The God of vindication, Yahweh, * the God of vindication shone forth!

Rise, judge of the world; * give the presumptious their due.

    How much longer shall the wicked, Yahweh, * how much longer shall the wicked exult?

    How much longer shall they mouth insolent speech, * shall all the evildoers show off?

        Your people, Yahweh, they crushed, * and your own they afflicted.

    Widow and stranger they killed; * the poor orphans they murdered,

    thinking, “Yah does not see; * Jacob's God takes no notice.”

        Stupid ones, learn some wisdom! * Fools, when will you understand?

           Is the planter of the ear unable to hear? * Is the grower of the eye unable to see?

           Is the instructor of nations unable to punish? * Is the teacher of mankind without knowledge?

        Yahweh knows the plans of men, * that they are futile.

        Happy the man you have instructed, Yah, * whom you have taught from your law,

           giving him relief after the evil days, * while a pit is being dug for the wicked.

           Yahweh surely will not desert his people; * he will not abandon his own.

        But the tribunal of justice will revive fair practice, * and with it all upright hearts.

    Who rose up for me against the wicked? * Against evildoers, who took a stand for me?

    If Yahweh had not been my help, * by now I would have dwelt in the Dungeon.

        When I said, “My foot is sinking,” * your love, Yahweh, supported me.

        When my cares grew too many within me, * your consolations delighted my soul.

    Can the throne of injustice be your partner, * the architect of disorder have your protection?

    They ganged up against the life of the just, * and secretly condemned the innocent.

But Yahweh became a bulwark for me, * and my God my mountain of refuge.

He made their malice bounce back on them, * and for their evil did away with them; * Yahweh our God did away with them.


End of Wed Midday 4

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