Psalm 89                                                                   Wednesday and Thursday Readings 3 (Thur: "+")

           Your love, Yahweh, forever shall I sing; * age after age I shall proclaim your fidelity.

           With my mouth I do say: * “Eternal One, your love created the heavens, * but firmer than these you made your fidelity.”

           “I have made a covenant with my chosen; * I have sworn to David my servant:

           'I will establish your line forever, * and build up your throne for all generations.’”

In the heavens they praise your promise, Yahweh, * and your fidelity in the assembly of holy ones.

For who in the skies can compare with Yahweh? * Who resembles Yahweh among the gods?

    An El too dreadful for the council of holy ones, * too great and awesome for all around him:

    Yahweh God of armies, who is like you? * Mighty Yah, your faithful surround you.

        You rule on the back of the sea; * when its waves surge, you check them.

        You crushed Rahab like a carcass; * with your strong arm you scattered your foes.

           Yours are the heavens and yours is the earth; * the world and all it holds you founded.

           You created Mounts Zaphon and Amanus; * Tabor and Hermon sing with joy in your presence.

        You have a mighty arm, O Warrior! * Your left hand is triumphant; * your right hand raised in victory!

        Justice and right are the foundation of your throne; * love and truth stand before you.

    Happy the people who know your radiance, * who walk, Yahweh, in the light of your face.

    They rejoice in your presence all day, * and over your generosity are jubilant.

Yes, you are our glorious triumph, * and by your favor you give us victory.

Truly Yahweh is our Sovereign; * the Holy One of Israel is our King!

    Once you spoke in a vision; * yes, to your worshiper you said:

    “A boy I made king in preference to a warrior; * I exalted a youth above a hero.

        I found David my servant; * with my holy oil I anointed him.

        My hand shall supply his power, * and my arm shall keep him strong.

           No enemy shall rise against him, * nor son of iniquity overcome him.

           I will hammer his adversaries before him, * and strike down those who hate him.

               My fidelity and love shall be with him; * and through my Name he shall be victorious.

               I will put his left hand on the Mediterranean, * and his right hand on the Euphrates.

                   He shall cry to me: * ‘You are my father, my God, * the Mountain of my salvation.’

                   And I will make him my firstborn, * the highest of earthly kings.

               My love for him I will keep eternal, * and for him my covenant shall endure.

               I will put his offspring on his seat; * and his throne will be like heaven's days.

           Should his children forsake my law, * refuse to follow my decrees,

           should they violate my statutes, * and not keep my commandments,

           I will punish their rebellion with the rod, * and their malice with lashes.

        But I will never banish from him my love, * or be false to my fidelity.

        I will not violate my covenant, * nor alter my given word.

    Once for all I have sworn on my holiness; * I cannot lie to David.

    His dynasty shall last to eternity, * his throne as the sun before me.

    Like the moon will his descendants live on, * and his seat will be stabler than the sky.”


And yet you spurned in your anger; * you raged at your anointed.

You rescinded the covenant with your servant; * you utterly desecrated his crown.

    You breached all his walls, * reduced his fortifications to rubble.

    All who pass by despoil him; * he has become the taunt of his neighbors.

        You exalted the right hand of his adversaries, * raised high both hands of his enemies.

        In your anger you turned back his blade, * and did not sustain his sword.

           Among his troops you made his splendor cease, * and hurled his throne on the ground.

           You cut short the days of his youth, * robed his young manhood with sterility.

        How long, Yahweh, will you turn away? * Conqueror! * How long must your rage burn like fire?

        Remember my sorrow, * the few days of my life; * For what void did you create all mankind?

    What man alive will not see death? * will rescue himself from the hand of Sheol?

    Where are those former acts of kindness, * Lord, * which you promised on your fidelity to David?

Remember, Lord, the insults to your servant, * how in my chest I bear all the shafts of the nations,

that your enemies, Yahweh, insult me, * insultingly malign your anointed.

                                                    Praised be Yahweh forever! * Amen, Amen!


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