Psalm 79                                                                                                    Thursday Midday 3

God, the nations have invaded your patrimony; * they have defiled your holy temple; * they have made Jerusalem a heap of ruins.

    They have given the corpses of your servants * to the birds of heaven for food,

        the flesh of your worshipers * to the beasts of the earth.

    They have shed their blood like water, * with no one around Jerusalem to bury them.

We have become the taunt of our neighbors, * the mockery and scorn of those around us.

    How long, Yahweh? Will you be ever angry? * How long will your zeal burn like fire?

    Pour out your rage, God, * on the nations that do not know you, * on the kingdoms that do not invoke your name.

    For they have devoured Jacob, * and ruined his land.

        Do not record against us, Scribe, * the wrongs of our forefathers.

        Let your mercies come to meet us, * because we are sunk very low.

    Help us, our triumphant God! * For your glorious name's sake rescue us; * forgive us our sins because of your name,

    lest the nations say, * “Where is their God?”

    That we may see your name known among the nations, * avenge the shed blood of your servants!

Let the groans of your prisoners * come before you;

    with your long arm * preserve those condemned to die.

        Pay our neighbors back seven times over, * right in their lap, * for the taunts with which they taunted you, Lord.

    We, your people and the sheep you tend, * will thank you forever.

From generation to generation * we will tell your praise.


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