Psalm 56                                                                                                    Thursday Midday 2

                                                            Have pity on me, God! * How men hound me!

All day long * they harass me with their jaws.

My defamers hound me all day; * how many are battling against me!

    Your Highness, when I have fears, * I put my trust in you.

Of God do I boast, O slanderer. * In God I trust;

I do not fear. * What can flesh do to me?

    All day my slanderers vex me; * against me are all their plans.

    Evilly they conspire and conceal themselves; * see how my maligners watch, * lurking like a foot-trap for my life.

        From their malice deliver us; * in your anger subject the peoples, God!

        Write down my lament yourself; * list my tears on your parchment, * my hardships on your scroll.

    If my enemies draw back, * recoiling when I cry out,

    then I will know * that God is for me.

Of God do I boast, O slanderer; * of Yahweh do I boast, O slanderer!

In God I trust; * I do not fear. * What can man do to me?

    Indeed, God Most High, * I will pay my vows * with praises to you.

Would that you rescue me from Death, * keeping my feet far from Banishment,

that I might walk before God * in the Field of life.


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