Psalm 29                                                                                                    Monday Morning 1

Pay to Yahweh, O gods; * pay him glory and praise. * Pay Yahweh what his name deserves.

Bow down to Yahweh; * the Holy One appears.

    Yahweh's voice is heard on the seas; * the God of glory thunders; * Yahweh sounds over the ocean.

        The voice of Yahweh is strength; * the voice of Yahweh is splendor.

           The voice of Yahweh splits the cedars; * Yahweh splits the cedars of Lebanon;

                the voice of Yahweh cracks * with shafts of fire.

               He makes Lebanon jump like a calf, * Sirion like a young bull.

           The voice of Yahweh shakes the bushland, * shakes the bushland of Kadesh.

        The voice of Yahweh makes the deer give birth, * and strips the forest bare,

    while throughout his temple * the Glorious One appears.

Since the flood has Yahweh been enthroned; * from eternity Yahweh is king.

Yahweh gives victory to his people; * Yahweh blesses them with peace.


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