Psalm 27                                                                                                    Wednesday Evening 1

Yahweh is my light and my salvation; * whom shall I fear?

Yahweh is the stronghold of my life; * of whom should I be afraid?

    When the wicked besiege me * to eat my flesh,

    my enemies and adversaries * stumble and fall.

        Should an army encamp against me, * my heart will not fear.

        Should troops attack me, * I will still be confident.

           One thing I asked a hundred times, * this, Yahweh, I seek:

           to live in the house of Yahweh * all the days of my life.

           to look at the beauty of Yahweh, * to awake each dawn in his temple.

               He will treasure me in his shelter * after the evil Day;

                   he will hide me in the shelter of his tent, * and bring me up a high mountain.

                   Now my head is raised * above my enemies around me.

               So I will offer in his tent * sacrifices with jubilation. * I will sing and make music to Yahweh.

           Hear my voice, Yahweh, when I call; * Be merciful and answer me.

           Come, said my heart, seek his face; * your face, Yahweh, will I seek.

           Don't turn your face from me; * don't repel your servant in anger; * be my helper.

        Do not reject me. * Do not abandon me, * God who can save me!

        Though my father and my mother abandon me, * Yahweh will take me in.

    Show me, Yahweh, your way, * and lead me on a smooth path * because of my enemies.

    Don't let my enemy swallow me, * for false witnesses testify against me, * speaking with malice.

I trust in the Victor * to see the beauty of Yahweh * in the land of life eternal.

Wait for Yahweh; be strong; * let your heart take courage, * and wait for Yahweh.


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