Psalm 7                                                                                                    Monday Midday 1

Yahweh, my God, in you I trust; * save me from all who pursue me.

Rescue me from the lion—that would tear me apart, * breaking my neck, —with no one to rescue.

    Yahweh, my God, if I have done wrong, * if there is guilt on my hands,

    if I have betrayed my ally, * or disturbed him with gossip,

    let my enemy pursue and catch me, * trample my entrails to the ground, * discard my liver in the mud.

        Yahweh, rise in your anger; * stand up against the insolence of my foes.

        Wake up, my God; * and order justice!

           Gather all the peoples around you; * rule over them, your Highness. * Yahweh, judge all nations.

           Judge me innocent, Yahweh, * and blameless, O Most High.

               Avenge the terror of the wicked, * and make the good secure.

               A searcher of mind and heart * is God the Just.

           My Master is God the Most High,* Savior of righthearted people.

           God is a righteous ruler, * always on patrol.

        May the Victor once again * sharpen his sword, * draw and aim his bow.

        May he ready his deadly weapons * and set his arrows aflame.

    A bad man conceives corruption, * is pregnant with trouble, * and gives birth to fraud.

    He digs a pit that catches him; * he falls into the pit he made.

    His mischief bounces back on his head; * his malice falls back on his skull.

I thank Yahweh, as he deserves; * I praise the name of Yahweh Most High.


End of Monday Mid 1

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