Wis 9:111 Saturday Morning 3

God of my fathers, Lord of mercy, * who have made all things by your word,

and in your wisdom have established man * to be master of your whole creation,

to govern the world in holiness and justice * and to exercise authority in honesty of soul:

give me wisdom, the attendant at your throne, * and do not reject me from among your children.

For I am your servant, just as my mother was, * a man weak and short-lived, * with small understanding of justice and the laws.

In fact, if a man is ever so perfect, * yet lacks the wisdom that comes from you, * he counts for nothing at all.

With you is Wisdom, who knows your works, * who was present when you made the world,

who understands what is pleasing to you * and what agrees with your commands.

Send her forth from your holy sky, * despatch her from your throne of glory,

that she may be with me and work with me, * and teach me what is pleasing to you.

For she knows and understands all things, * and will guide me wisely in my affairs * and keep me safe in her glory.


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