Tob 13:814 Friday Morning 4

Speak, all men, of God's majesty, * sing his praises in Jerusalem!

Jerusalem, holy city, * God scourged you for the idols you made, * yet he will pity once more your innocent children.

Praise the Lord for his goodness, * and bless the King of the ages!

For you will see again with joy * his home rebuilt in your midst.

He will bring back your people who were captives, * and make them glad within you.

He will show love to those who were distressed * for all generations to come.

A bright light will shine * over every part of the world.

People will come to you from far away, * people from everywhere, * because they heard what the Lord did for you.

They will come with gifts in their hands, * gifts for the King of heaven.

Your people for ages to come * will tell how happy they are.

Everyone will always know * that God has chosen you.

Come now, and rejoice, Jerusalem, * over your innocent children.

For they will all be gathered within you * and will bless the Lord of the ages.

How happy are those who love you, * who rejoice because of your prosperity.

Happy also are those who mourned * over all the punishment your suffered,

for they will soon rejoice in you, * seeing your joy forever.


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