Sir 36:1-5, 10-14                                                                                                                  Monday Morning 2

Come to our aid, O God of all, * strike all the nations with terror.

Raise your hand against foreign nations, * that they may see your great power.

    As our sufferings prove your holiness to them, * so let their downfall prove your glory to us.

    Let them know, as we ourselves know, * that there is no other God but you.

       Give us signs again, work new wonders, * show how mighty your right arm can be.

       Assemble all the tribes of Jacob, * as when they first received their inheritance.

    Pity the poor people called by your name, * pity Israel whom you named your firstborn.

    Have compassion on the holy city, * Jerusalem, the place of your rest.

Let Zion ring with your praises, * let your temple be filled with your glory.


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