Jer 14:17-21                                                                                                                  Friday Morning 3

My eyes are streaming with tears, * day and night without rest,

for the young lady, who is my people, * has suffered a most serious wound.

    If I go out to the farm, * I see men killed by the sword.

    If I go into the city, * I see people sick with hunger.

    Even prophets and priests * hunt for food in a foreign land.

       Is it that you have rejected Judah, * and you hate the sight of Zion?

    Why have you wounded us, * and left us unhealed?

    We wait for peace, * but it does not come.

    We wait to be healed, * but terror comes instead.

Yahweh, we confess our wickedness * and the guilt of our fathers; * yes, we have sinned against you.

For the honor of your name do not reject us, * or show contempt for Zion the throne of your glory.

Remember your covenant with us, * and do not break it.


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