Is 45:15-25 Friday Morning 1

Truly, you are a God who keeps hidden, * the God of Israel, the Savior.

They are shamed and disgraced * all together,

they go away confounded, * the makers of idols.

But Israel, Yahweh will save you, * save you for all time.

You will never be ashamed or disgraced * in future ages.

Yes, thus says Yahweh, * the God who created the sky,

he who made the earth and shaped it, * he who made it firm,

who did not create it a desert, * but made it to be lived in:

I am Yahweh * there is no other.

I have not spoken in secret, * in some dark corner of the earth.

I never told Jacob's sons: * 'Look for me in an empty desert.

But I, Yahweh, speak the truth, * and tell exactly what will happen.

Gather together and come near, * you survivors of the nations.

You know nothing, * who carry around your wooden idols,

and keep on praying * to a god that cannot save you.

Speak up and state your case, * take counsel with one another.

Who made this known beforehand, * and foretold it long ago?

Was it not I, Yahweh? * There is no god besides me.

I am a just and saving God; * there is no other god but I.

Turn to me to be saved, * all people throughout the world!

For I am God; * there is no other.

By my life I swear, * I announce the victory, * an event that will surely happen.

To me every knee shall bend; * by me every tongue shall swear.

They will say: 'From Yahweh alone * come victory and power.

To him will come defeated * all who opposed him.

Through Yahweh will come victory and glory * for the whole people of Israel.


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