Hab 3:219 Friday Morning 2

Yahweh, I have heard of your fame, * I stand in awe at your deeds.

Do them again in our days, * in our days make them known! * In spite of your anger, have compassion.

God comes forth from Teman, * the Holy One comes from Mount Paran.

His splendor covers the sky, * and his glory fills the earth.

His brilliance is like the light; * brightness flashes from his hands; * there his power is hidden...

You march forth to save your people, * to save the one you have anointed...

You galloped on the sea with your horses, * on the mighty and roaring waters.

I heard this and tremble with terror; * my lips quiver at the sound.

Weakness invades my bones; * my steps fail beneath me.

Yet calmly I wait for the doom * that will fall upon the people who assail us.

For even though the fig tree does not blossom, * nor fruit grow on the grapevine.

even though the olive crops fail, * and fields produce no harvest,

even though flocks vanish from the folds, * and stalls stand empty of cattle,

yet I will rejoice in Yahweh * and exult in God my Savior.

Yahweh my Lord is my strength; * he makes me leap like the deer, * he guides my steps on the heights.


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