Ex 15:118 Saturday Morning 1

I will sing to Yahweh, glorious his triumph! * Horse and rider he has thrown into the sea!

Yah is my strength, I sing to him; * he is the one who saves me.

This is my God and I extol him, * my father's God and I praise him.

The Lord is a warrior; * his name is Yahweh.

The chariots and army of Pharaoh * he hurled into the sea...

At the breath of your anger * the waters piled high.

The moving waters stood up like a dam. * The deeps turned solid in the midst of the sea.

The enemy said: * I will pursue and overtake them,

I will divide the plunder, * I shall have my fill,

I will draw my sword, * my hand shall destroy them.

You blew with your breath, * the sea closed over them.

They went down like lead * into the mighty waters.

Yahweh, who is like you among the gods? * who is like you so glorious in holiness?

You spread fear and respect * by the marvels you did;

you stretched forth your hand, * the earth swallowed the enemy.

But your love has guided * the people you redeemed,

your power has led them * to your holy house...

You will lead them and plant them * on the mountain you chose,

the place for your dwelling, * which you, Yahweh, have made,

the sanctuary, Lord, * which your hands have made.

Yahweh will reign * forever and ever.


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