Dan 3:2641 Tuesday Morning 4

You are blest, O Lord, the God of our fathers, * and glorious forever is your name.

For you are just in all that you do, * and faithful in all that you promise.

You deal with us in ways that are right * and judge us according to justice.

For we have sinned and broken your law * by rebelling against you.

Yes, we have gravely sinned * and disobeyed your commands.

For the honor of your name, do not abandon us forever, * do not repudiate your covenant.

Do not withdraw your favor from us, * for the sake of Abraham your friend,

and for the sake of Isaac your servant, * and Israel your holy one.

You made them a promise * to multiply their offspring

like the stars of heaven, * or the sand on the seashore.

Now, Lord, we are the least of all the nations, * we are despised today throughout the world * because of our sins.

We have no more prince or prophet or leader, * no holocaust, sacrifice, offering, or incense,

nowhere to offer first fruits * so as to win your favor.

But with contrite hearts and humbled spirits * may we be accepted by you.

As though we brought holocausts of rams and bulls, * or thousands of fattened lambs,

so may you receive our sacrifice today, * as we follow you with all our hearts.

For those who trust in you * cannot be disappointed.

And now we follow you wholeheartedly; * we fear you and want to come to you.


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