Joseph Kenny



in University of Ibadan format


I.  (a) Name: Joseph KENNY (Rev. Fr. Prof.)

    (b) Date of birth: 12 January 1936

    (c) Department: Religious Studies, University of Ibadan, Nigeria

II. (a) Present appointment: Professor, as of 24 March 1994. Began at U.I. 1 Nov. 1979.

III. University Education:

(a) St. Mary of the Lake Seminary, Mundelein, 1954-1956.

(b) Aquinas Institute, River Forest, 1957-1960.

(c) Aquinas Institute, Dubuque, 1960-1964.

(d) Pontifical Institute of Arabic Studies, Rome, 1966-1967.

(e) University of Tunis, 1967-1968.

(f) University of Edinburgh, 1968-1970.

IV. Academic qualifications:

(a) B.A. Philosophy Aquinas Institute, River Forest, 1959

(b) M.A. Philosophy Aquinas Institute, River Forest, 1960

(c) M.A. Theology Aquinas Institute, Dubuque, 1964

(d) Certificate, Arabic Language Pontifical Inst. of Arabic Studies, 1967

(e) Diploma, Arabic Language University of Tunis, 1967

(f) Ph.D., Arabic & Islamic Studies University of Edinburgh, 1970


V. Professional Qualifications and Diplomas:

A reading knowledge and some speaking knowledge of the following languages: English, Latin, Greek, Hebrew, Italian, French, German, Spanish, Hausa, Arabic, Yoruba, Dutch, Portuguese.


VI. Scholarships, Fellowships and Prizes (for undergraduate and postgraduate work only):

From the Government of Tunisia, a full scholarship for the academic year at the University of Tunis, 1967-1968.


VII. Honours, distinctions, memberships in learned societies:

(a) A member of the Order of Preachers (Dominicans), from 1956.

(b) An ordained Catholic priest, from 1963

(c) Editor of Orita, from June 1985 to December 1995.

(d) Member of the the Association of Episcopal Conferences of West Africa (AECAWA) Commission for Inter-Religious Dialogue, 1986 to present.

(e) Member of the Catholic Bishops Conference of Nigeria Commission for Inter-Religious Dialogue, 1996 to present.

(f) Member, Nigerian Field Society.

(g) Member, Music Circle, University of Ibadan.

(f) Member, Beekeepers Association of Nigeria.

VIII Details of Teaching Experience at University Level:

(a) Employment:

SS. Peter & Paul Seminary & Dominican Institute, 1971-1979.

Visiting professor (every two years) at Les Facultés Catholiques de Kinshasa, 1987 to present.

Lecturer I, University of Ibadan, 1979-1981.

Senior Lecturer, University of Ibadan, 1981-1994.

Professor, University of Ibadan, 1994 to present.

Head of Department of Religious Studies, U.I., 1 August 1995 to 31 July 1998.

(b) Undergraduate Courses Taught:

Introduction to Islam

Islam in West Africa

Faith and practice in Islam

Sufis and Scholars in early Islam

Islam in the Umayyad and Abbasid periods

Islamic Philosophy

Islamic Theology and Philosophy

Religion and society

Dialogue with people of living faiths

Comparative ethics in a pluralistic society

Religion in the 7th century Semitic world

Basic practices of the major faiths

Common themes in Christian & Muslim theology

Religious contacts in West Africa


(c) Postgraduate Courses Taught:

Relations among peoples of living faiths

Islam in West Africa

Qur'anic studies

Islamic theology

Ethical systems

Phenomenology of religion

Metaphysical issues in religion

Religion and science

Theologies of Christian-Muslim relations

Converging themes in Christian & Muslim traditions

(iii) Dissertations and Theses:

The virtue of eutrapalia, M.A. thesis in Philosophy, River Forest, 1960

Satisfaction for sin, M.A. thesis in Theology, Dubuque, 1964.

Muslim theology as presented by Muhammad b. Yusuf as-Sanusi, especially in his al-'aqida al-wusta, Ph.D. thesis, Edinburgh, 1970. With edition of Arabic text and translation.


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