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  • 2006-07 Directory In PDF format.
            The complete directory will be mailed to each of you.

    For your convenience: Western Province Directory 2006-07 In PDF

  • Online Photos from the new book.
            Low resolution .jpg images in b/w and color.

    If you upgraded from Windows 3.1 to Win95 or Win98 you may already have cardfile.exe, a wonderful mini-database which uses little memory and which will quickly give you a perfectly useful provincial directory of names, addresses, phone numbers and e-mailboxes. If not, it will work perfectly with the newer operating systems.

    A single database is currently configured: op01.crd for both the American brothers and our Bolivian brothers. Added to this latest version are the useful extension numbers for use in the voicemail systems at St. Pius and River Forest. If the voicemail system greets you after hours just enter the extension number of the brother and you'll be transferred to their phone, or their voicemail box.

    You can download the latest version of this list, op01.crd - - - Sept. 9, 2000 - - - packed in one zipped (compressed) file:

    1. It is called: (14k). (Click on this link to download). Next, unzip the file and then copy the extracted files to the same folder that cardfile.exe is found, usually c:/windows. Open cardfile, select the database and you have it.

    Should you not find that you have cardfile.exe on your windows system you can download it, along with the latest database.

    1. As a zipped file:     (67k)
    2. As a self-extracting zip file: 01dir.exe     (86k)   Click on whichever you wish.

    To put an icon on your desktop in Win95 and 98, find cardfile.exe in Explorer. Select it, right click your mouse and choose Create Shortcut. When the shortcut is created, drag it onto your desktop. Next select, (not open), the shortcut, right click on it and choose properties. Add to the TARGET field which would say this: C:\WINDOWS\CARDFILE.EXE the name of the general province database, op01, so that the Target field looks like: C:\WINDOWS\CARDFILE.EXE op01. Press OK. Next, rename the shortcut (select, right click, rename... to "Province" and press OK).

    If you have any questions about these lists, just let me know. Albert Judy OP - - - - -

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