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Shrine of St. Jude Thaddeus

A Ministry of the Dominican Friars
Province of St. Albert the Great

St. Jude Chronicle -- Latest Issue -- March 2001
The Chronicle in PDF format.

[praying hands]Click here if you have a prayer request you would like us to remember. Each day, Monday through Saturday, there are devotions here at The Shrine. We begin with the Rosary, which is followed by the St. Jude Prayer, prayers for the sick and a prayer for a happy death. We then celebrate Eucharist for the intentions of all who have asked our prayers.

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[Image of St. Jude]Click here for the St. Jude Prayer Book; also En Español. Five times a year (January, March, May, July and October) there is a solemn novena here at The Shrine. During these nine days of special prayers, there are two services each day and again, we remember the intentions of all those who have sent us their prayer requests.

[Image of  the Dominican shield]Click here for the dates of the novenas in 2001. Before each of these novenas, we send to everyone on our mailing list The St. Jude Chronicle.

[Image of a letter]Click here to send us your postal mailing address (not your e-mail address). We will put you on our mailing list and send you prayer enrollment cards which you may wish to use for your living or deceased friends.

When or where devotion to St. Jude as patron of impossible cases began is unknown. What is known is that he continues to win his title on a daily basis as people ask Jude to intercede for them. The Shrine of St. Jude Thaddeus is a ministry of the Dominican Friars of the Chicago province. We earnestly solicit your donations as they help us in our ministry of preaching the Gospel at home and abroad.

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