studium view from north library chapel dormitory wing

Things are moving along, still ahead of schedule, with the new Bolivian Studium in Cochabamba. This will be the first property in Bolivia built expressly as a Dominican Studium. It will have rooms for 24 students and 4 suites for permanent members of the community. It is situated on about 3 acres of agricultural land on the outskirts of Cochabamba. The water was tested and found potable. Still, we will filter all water that comes into the building. All in all, the excitement mounts here as the building continues to take shape.

As of the middle of October, almost all of the roof is completed. One wing has all the rooms stuccoed and the electrical infrastructure is in place. Workers are working on the floors and the plumbing now. it is expected to be finished in July 1999, with residency by January 2000. What a way to start the new millennium of Dominican presence in Bolivia!

Saturday (Oct. 18) the students will be digging holes for some of the trees that will be planted. After the work, they will play the workers in a game of soccer (the students lost to the workers in the first match, 1 - 0, so this will be in some sense a grudge match!). After that, the students will share lunch with the workers.

We would like to thank again all of the individuals and communities that are supporting this project. The work of Benjamin in the Mission Office has been outstanding. Thanks for the vote of confidence! It means a lot to the students and Tom Lynch and me.

Please keep us in your prayers.
Jim Spahn