Fr. Hugh Wreisner, O.P.


Move over, sun, and give me some sky
I got me some wings I'm eager to try
I may be unknown but wait till I've flown
You're gonna hear from me


Make me some room, you people up there
On top of the world, I'll meet you, I swear
I'm stakin' my claim, so remember my name
You're gonna hear from me

    Fortune, smile on the road before me
    I am fortune's child
    Listen, world, you can't ignore me

I've got a song that longs to be played
Raise up my flag, begin my parade
Then watch the world over start comin' up Clover
That's how it's gonna be

I've got a song that longs to be played
Raise up my flag, begin my parade
Then watch the world over start comin' up Clover
That's how it's gonna be, watch me
You're gonna hear, you're gonna hear from me

            You're Gonna Hear From Me
                        -- Dory & Andre Previn

Obituary from the Chicago Tribune:

Rev. Hugh Richard Wreisner, O.P., age 71 years, September 8, 2001, beloved son of the late Winifred Frances, nee Gleason, and Richard David Wreisner; brother of Sr. Dorothy Wreisner, O.P. of Spokane, WA, and Winifred Wreisner Jefferies of Minneapolis, MN. Remembered fondly by his nieces and nephews, the friars of the Province of St. Albert the Great and his many friends. Funeral services at St. Thomas Aquinas Priory, 7200 W. Division, River Forest, IL, Set. 10; Visitation 4 to 7 p.m.; Office for the Dead, 7 p.m.; Funeral Mass 7:30 p.m. Interment Dominican plot, All Saints Cemetery, September 11, 10 a.m. Memorials may be made to the Society for Vocational Support, c/o Dominican Provincial office, 1909 S. Ashland, Chicago, IL 60608. 773-736-3833

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Funeral Eulogies
Fr. Benjamin Russell, homily -- In HTML
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Fr. Edward Ruane, Prior Provincial, comments -- in HTML
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Christmas Party Scripts

"The Last Christmas Show" -- 1985
Hugo's final Christmas party script in 1985 before returning to studies in St. Louis. From the Christmas party mentioned by Fr. Benjamin Russell in his eulogy...An autobiographical glimpse into Hugo's wonderful and curious journey to the priesthood. In his own words, "A script for the show which, if there had been time to do it, would have been the best way I know how to explain everything, to thank everybody properly, and to leave 'em laughin'."

"I Love a Piano" -- 1983 -- In PDF
Hugo remembers all those interesting people he has met sitting at his piano. They're invited to sing their stories.

"Someone to Watch Over Me" -- 1982 -- In PDF
Hugo uses Beethoven to show God's loving providence as a simple fact of life. Man is the orchestra, God the piano and the "Tree of Life" looks suspiciously like his Christmas Tree.

"The Continuation of Gone with the Wind" -- 1981 -- also In PDF
Screenplay from an idea by R. F. SHAW based upon the characters created by MARGARET MITCHELL in her celebrated novel. THE CONTINUATION, like Gone with the Wind itself, never had a complete, final script. The first version was re-worked as a "radio" production, which was not produced. As December 13 approached and the show was gradually brought into its final form, changes were made constantly , . . some so last-minute that they existed only as jotted notes on the actors' scripts; or even as verbal instructions during performance." When you see the words Mr. Butler on the screen, you enter!" I'll point at you. Then just start ad-libbing..."

"Good News" -- 1979 -- also In PDF -- or Download Zipped PDF
"At Christmas time. In 1979. I had this extraordinary dream...." TV Journalists, the Three Kings, "West Side Story" and the great painters of history all enter Hugo's dream to welcome the coming of the Christ Child, or as he would write later, "GOOD NEWS confronted the sceptics with the reality of the Incarnation."

"Murder for Christmas" -- 1978 -- also in PDF
Hugo summarizes: "The Homicide Commander put me in touch with a Mysterious Lady in Chinatown. She led me to the fabulous penthouse apartment of Dahlilah Dubois, glamorous singing star of stage, screen, radio, television and God knows what! But Dahlilah didn't have the Christmas spirit."

"Broadway Jesus" -- 1977 -- also In PDF
Hugo reflects, "BROADWAY JESUS presented the Faith as Christmas lights, shining in the darkness...And turned the whole city into a sacrament." Peanuts, anyone?

"The Twelve Days of Christmas" -- 1976 -- also in PDF
In Hugo's own words: "This was a 'tale of terror' in which Mercita was driven mad by not only all the gold rings, lords a-leaping, pipers piping and drummers drumming That poor girl had 184 BIRDS in there ! It done her in."

A Radio Script
Jonah: An Interview
-- In HTML
-- In QuickTime AUDIO -- In RealAudio