A Card of Gratitude Sent
to Those Who Attended the Services
For Fr. Malachy Dooley, O.P.

Thank you for your presence
at Fr. Dooley's wake.
May the Lord Bless You
for your thoughtfulness.

For almost 800 years the desire
of each Dominican at death
was to be received into heaven
while his brethren sang
the Salve Regina.
Not only did Fr. Dooley
enjoy that last moment
but he died while several
of his fellow Friars
were praying the Rosary.
This last gathering fulfilled
a Dominican's dream.

A great number of people
have experienced his personal touch
in a vast variety of ways,
whether it be a glance of the eye,
a short flick of the hand,
or his palms-up handshake.
He was a close friend to thousands
whose names were seldom forgotten.
His love of each person
was instinctively accepted as genuine.

He had his weaknesses
as do all human beings.
They were brought under control
by silent penance and sobriety.
His private prayer life
was the basis from which
his famous smile emanated.
His diverse apostolate gave him
the perspective to develop
his unique Dooley personality.

As we attempt to grasp the impossible
we realize fully that God
in His infinite wisdom
has never cloned a human being.
But if He were to do so,
wouldn't it be wonderful
to have another Fr. Malachy Dooley, OP

The Dominican Friars of the
Province of St. Albert the Great
The Fenwick High School Community