1. Edward Schillebeeckx,O.P.: The Dominican Third Order: "Old & New Style"
  2. Edward Schillebeeckx, O.P.: The "Counter-Thread" in the Old Religious Story
    as The Golden Thread in the Dominican Family-Story
  3. John Burchill, O.P.: The Gospel Life: One Family, Many Gifts
  4. Liam Walsh, O.P.: Dominican Family: Call & Response
  5. Ellen O'Shaughnessy, O.P.: The Prophet, Justice, & The Ministry of Spiritual Direction
  6. Eleanor Carlo, T.O.P.: Creative Preaching Through Art: The Dominican Contribution
  7. Richard Weber, O.P.: Dominican Laity: History
  8. Charles Malatesta, O.P.: Dominican Laity: Purpose
  9. Christopher Kiesling, O.P.: Dominican Laity: Spirituality