Index 1982 -- 1992

Spring 1982, Vol. 34, No. 1 -
M. Collins, Spirituality for a Lifetime
G. Dimock, Reconciliation: Rite & Life
C. Kieslin, Marital Spirituality and Liturgy
N. Mitchell, Spirituality of Christian Worship
F.C. Quinn, Sacraments of Initiation & Christian Life
R.E. Trutter, The Catechumenate: Paradigm for Living

Summer 1982, Vol. 34, No. 2 -
A.E. Gilles, Teilhards' Gospel of Human Effort
E. van Merrienboer, Schillebeeckx on Christian Ministry
J. Renard, Islamic Religious Experience
P. Scanlon, 'The Poor Have the Gospel Preached to Them'
B.T. Viviano, Schillebeeckx's Jesus & Christ

Autumn 1982, Vol. 34, No. 3 -
E. McDonough, Spirituality & Law: The New Code
J. Miller/S. Tugwell, What is the Dominican Charisma?
S. Rakoczy, Charismatic Spirituality
J. Renard, Christian Response to Islam
T.B. Stratman, St. Francis of Assisi: Brother to Creatures

Winter 1982, Vol. 34, No. 4 -
J. & W. Conn, St. Therese: Conversion as SelfTranscendence
J.T. Culliton, Commitment through the Personalization of Time
R. Haight, Christological Spirituality & Social Justice
E. Kallas, Sprituality of Luther

Spring 1983, Vol. 35, No. 1 -
B. Akers, Electronic Communications, Community, Church
M. Dempsey, Electronic Media: Prospects for Ecclesial Life & Mission
P. DuMaine, Spirituality in the Electronic World
C. Kiesling, Liturgy via Electronic Communications
M. Rodgers, Electronic Media & the Spritual Life
R. Woods, Religious Symbol & Spirituality in an Electroinc World

Summer 1983, Vol. 35, No. 2 -
F.M. Oben, Edith Stein: Holiness in the Twentieth Century
J. Risley, Liberation Sprituality
S.M. Schnieders, Women's Experience & Their Spirituality
S. Torvend, Lay Spirituality in Medieval Christianity

Autumn 1983, Vol. 35, No. 3 -
M.H. Crosby, Celibasy as Fasting
D.L. Gelpi, Thematic vs. Transmuting Grace (Part 1)
S. Hutchens, Three Flemish Mystics
E. Kallas, Catholic Spiritual Renewal & the Reformation
M.B. Pennington, Christian Way to Transformation

Winter 1983, Vol. 35, No. 4 -
F. Cardman, Singleness & Spirituality
P. Drilling, Spirituality for the Secular Priest
D. Gelpi, Thematic vs. Transmuting Grace (Part 2)
R. Mackenzie, The Desert Tradition of Prayer
F. Parrella, Spirituality, Transcendence & Therapeutic Culture

Spring 1984, Vol. 36, No. 1 -
J.P. Gillespie, Life Crises in the Christian Family
K. & T. Hart, Call to Holiness in Scristian Marriage
M.K. Hellwig, Spirituality for the Single Parent
K. & J. McGinnis, Parenting for Peace & Justice
F. W. Nichols, Spiritual Journey of the Nuclear Family
L. & N. Parent, Parents: First Preachers of the Word

Summer 1984, Vol. 36, No. 2 -
M.A. Fatula, Holy Spirit Hidden in Human Weakness
K. Kelsey, Gift of Loneliness
H.D. Kreilkamp, Bonhoeffer: Prophet of Human Solidarity
P. St. Romain, Dreams & Christian Growth
J. & E. Whitehead, Evolution of Stewardship

Autumn 1984, Vol. 36, No. 3 -
J.F. Chorpenning, St. Theresa of Avila's Life Today
M.R. D'Angelo, Mark & Matthew: Jesus & the Christian Vocation
R. Kress, Vespering: On Bent Days in Autumn
A.M. Minton, Spirituality of Berulle
W. Reiser, Thinking & Believing about God

Winter 1984, Vol. 36, No. 4 -
R. Englert, St. Antony's Entombment
R.M. Gula, Using Scripture: Prayer & Spiritual Direction
R. Masson, Rahner's Spiritual Legacy
S.E. Torvend, Bible & Lay Spirituality in the Middle Ages
J.V. Zeitz, Stages of Faith & the Gospel of Mark

Spring 1985, Vol. 37, No. 1 -
J. Galligan, The Tension between Poverty and Possessions in the Gospel of Luke
S. Parmisano, Social Justice: The Broader Perspective
J. Grote, Death and the Heresy of Success
D. Leigh, Toward a Sacrament of the World
E. Sellner, Discernment of Vocation for Pastoral Ministry
C. Wagner: Current Trends: Spirituality in a Dark Age: Some Reflections

Summer 1985, Vol. 37, No. 2 -
R.K. Weber, Sharing Responsibility for the Church
T.J. Johnston, Origins of the Dominican Laity: Franciscan & Dominican Influences
D.M.F. Kaminsky, Secular Franciscans: Bearers of Peace, Messengers of Joy
V. Gilbreth, Can Dominicans Really Be Lay People?
R.A. Lewis, Making the Dominican Family a Reality

Autumn 1985, Vol. 37, No. 3 -
M.R. D'Angelo, Luke & John: Jesus & the Christian Call
D.A. Dombrowski, Virtue of Boldness
M. Oliva, The Call to Act Justly: Facing Our Fears
S. Sia, Job's Question
R. Woods, Spirituality of the Celtic Church

Winter 1985, Vol. 37, No. 4 -
E. Kallas, Alexis de Tocqueville: New World Spirituality
C.B. Trutter, Journey of Young Adults
R. Dewey, Qoheleth & Job: Divine Responses to Evil
R.J. Vanden Busch, Quaker Spirituality: Value of Silence
J. Harvill, Focus on Jesus: The Letter to the Hebrews

Spring 1986, Vol. 38, No. 1 -
M.A. King, Naaman and the Wild God of Israel
B. Finan, The Holy Spirit: An Issue in Theology
A.J. Gittins, Ecology and World Poverty: A Chrisitian Response
T.F. O'Meara, Modern Art and the Sacred: The Prophetic Ministy of Alain Couturier, OP
F.G. McLeod, Apophatic or Kataphatic Prayer?
J.S. Galligan, The Augustinian Connection: Beatitudes and Gifts

Summer 1986, Vol. 38, No. 2 -
D. Murphy, Can a Christian Be a Pacifist?
W. Teasdale, The Meeting of East and West: Elements of a Relationship
C. Cummings, The Best Place to Live
D.A. Helminiak, Modern Science on Pain and Suffering: A Christian Perspective
M.C. Hilkert, The Dominican Charism: A Living Tradition of Grace

Autumn 1986, Vol. 38, No. 3 -
E. Dreyer, Spirituality for the Laity
J. Grace, Philosophy and Spirituality: Gabriel Marcel
D. Roth, Charismatic Confusion
B. Gallagher, A Yoga "Advance" in a Zen Retreat
W. Reiser, Adam in Hiding

Winter 1986, Vol. 38, No. 4 -
S. Schneiders, Evangelical Equality: Religious Consecration, Mission, and Witness (Part I)
P. O'Connell, St. Francis of Assisi: The Spirituality of Conformation
R. Butler, George Santayana: Catholic Atheist
M. Downey, Jean Vanier: Recovering the Heart
M. Duffey, Called to Be Holy: The Reconvergence of Christian Morality and Spirituality
M.A. Fatula, Current Trends: On Calling God "Father"

Spring 1987, Vol. 39, No. 1 -
H. Perelmuter, Transcendence in Context: A Contemporary Jewish View
D. Greene, Adhering to God: The Message of Evelyn Underhill for Our Times
K. Ingram, The Goddess: Can We Bring Her into Church?
S. Schneiders, Evangelical Equality: Religious Consecration, Mission, And Witness (Part II)

Summer 1987, Vol. 39, No. 2 -
J. Crowley, Spiritual Direction: Orientation, Relationship, process
P. Coy, The Incarnational Spirituality of Dorothy Day
J. Whitehead and E. Whitehead, The Shape of Compassion: Reflections on Catholics and Homosexuality
J. Heisig, East-West Dialogue: Sunyata and Kenosis (Part I)
W. Marceau, The Influence of Italian and Spanish Mystics on St. Francis De Sales

Autumn 1987, Vol. 39, No. 3 -
E. Dreyer, Tradition and Lay Spirituality: Problems and Possibilities
J. Heisig, East-West Dialogue: Sunyata and Kenosis (Part II)
R. Boyd and J.G. Myers, Overcoming Leadership Scarcity: Discerning the Spiritual Journey
L. Davino, Francis of Assisi: Metaphor of Franciscan Maturity
S. McCarty, Centering Prayer Trinitarian?

Winter 1987, Vol. 39, No. 4 -
P. Veliyathil, Thomas Merton: A Modern Arjuna
M.A. Rygiel, Prayer: Soul in Paraphrase
A. Gittins, Communities of Concern and Close-up Countryfolk: A Parable of Survival
D. Helminiak, Catholicism's Spiritual Limbo: A Shift in "Incarnational Spirituality"

Spring 1988 Vol. 40, No. 1 -
Mary O'Driscoll: Catherine the Theologian
Michael Downey: A Balm for All Wounds:The Spiritual Legacy of Etty Hillesum
Daniel Berrigan: War in Heaven, Peace on Earth
Patience Hardebeck: Benedictine Health Care:Making the Preferential Option
David K. O'Rourke: Current Trends: "Sacro-Ethics"

Summer 1988, Vol. 40, No. 2 -
Joyce Rogers: Mysticism as a Way of Spirituality
James R. Brockman: Pastoral Teaching of Archbishop Oscar Romero
Hilda Montalvo: The Spiritual Director as Mediator of Meaning
Michael G. Lawler: Christian Marriage and Christian Ministry
A. J. V. Chandrakanthan: The Silence of Buddha and His Contemplation of the Truth
Mary Ann Fatula: Current Trends:The Ministry of Reconciliation

Autumn 1988, Vol. 40, No. 3 -
Elizabeth Bellefontaine: A Spirituality of Meaningful Experiences: Some Biblical Lessons
Anne Wilson: Holistic Spirituality
Catherina Halkes: Feminism and Spirituality
Philip Jewett: Clara Barton: Soldier's Friend
James Arraj: Jungian Spirituality:The Question of Victor White
Ray Repp: Current Trends: A Modest Proposal to Composers of Liturgical Music

Winter 1988, Vol. 40, No. 4 -
Dennis C. Smolarskx: The Spirituality of Computers
Emma Shackle: Prayer Landscapes and the Nature of Illusion
Paul Harris: Silent Teaching: The Life of Dom John Main
Carolyn Osiek: Images of God: Breaking Boundaries
Mary Ann Fatula: Current Trends: The Peace of God

Winter 1988, Vol. 40, Supplement -
Theodore M. Hesburgh: Introduction
Archbishop Eugene A. Marino: Key-Note Address: Protest, Prayer, and Prophecy
Sharon Welch: The Beloved Community
Sheila Briggs: The Spiritual Body Politic
James A. Forbes, Jr.: Wake Up and Dream
Sandra Schneiders: Religious Life: The Dialectic Between Marginality and Transformation
Albert J. Raboteau: A Hidden Wholeness: Thomas Merton and Martin Luther King, Jr.
James W. Fowler: Prophetic Vocations: Parables of the Kingdom

Spring 1989, Vol. 41, No. 1 -
Suzanne Noffke: Catherine of Siena and Ecclesial Obedience
Hayim Goren Perelmuter: Judaism and Transcendence: From Abraham to the Late Middle Ages
Charles Cummings: Exploring Eco-Spirituality
Mary Kay Kinberger: Conversion
Kathleen McDonagh: Colloquy: "Catholicism's Spiritual Limbo": A Response to Daniel A. Helminiak
Megan McKenna: Current Trends: Whose Child is This?

Summer 1989, Vol. 41, No. 2 -
Thomas McKenna: Providence as Courage for Renewal
Scott Lewis: Balthasar Alvarez and The Prayer of Silence
Marie de Lourdes Mates: Thomas Merton: Man of Many Journeys
James Wiseman: Teaching Spiritual Theology: Methodological Considerations
Daniel Helminiak: Colloquy: A Response to Sister Kathleen McDonagh
Mary Ann Fatula: Current Trends: Feasts of Grace

Autumn 1989, Vol. 41, No. 3 -
Donald Evans: New Perspectives for a Theology of Peace
Joel C. Lewton: Reformed Spirituality: Towards the Development of a Transcendent Community
Connie Doyle: 'Experiment in Green': Emily Dickinson's Search for Faith
Antonio Moreno: Ecumenism, Archetypes, and Symbols
Megan McKenna: Current Trends: Living Stones

Winter 1989, Vol. 41, No. 4 -
James and Evelyn Whitehead: The Gift of Prophecy
Kristen Johnson Ingram: Good News for Modern Women: The Gospel of John
Joel Brende and Elmer McDonald: Post-Traumatic Spiritual Alienation and Recovery in Vietnam Combat Veterans
Robert Stoudt: How Does Your Garden Grow? A Spiritual Exercise
Mary Ann Fatula: Current Trends: Good News to the Poor

Spring 1990, Vol. 42, No. 1 -
Clifford Williams: Moral Beauty
Sheila Gallagan: Sheltered by the Mercy: St. Catherine's Gentle Way
Doris Boyko: Profiles in Spirituality: Angel of the Prisons
Jerry Flora: Searching for an Adequate Life: The Devotional Theology of Thomas R. Kelly
Megan McKenna: Poetry: Visitation II
Leonard Doohan: Current Trends: Scripture and Contemporary Spirituality

Summer 1990, Vol. 42, No. 2 -
John T. Noonan, Jr.: Stars of the Order: Brilliance, Diversity, Reflecting and Reflected Light
Vilma Seelaus: Teresa, Feminism, and The Humanity of Christ
Jon Alexander: Job Considered as a Conversion Account
Thomas Morris: Gifted for the Journey: The Art of Spiritual Direction
Mary Ann Fatula: Current Trends: Living a Trinitarian Faith

Fall 1990, Vol. 42, No. 3 -
Anthony J. Gittins: Grains of Wheat: Culture, Agriculture, and Spirituality
Nathan R. Kollar: Toward a Spirituality of Pain
Jim Grote: Prestige: Simone Weil's Theory of Social Force
Patrick J. Burke: The Spirituality of Taize
Megan McKenna: Current Trends: Desert Passion

Winter 1990, Vol. 42, No. 4 -
Suzanne Mayer: The Poverty of Waiting and Its Riches
James R. Brockman: The Spiritual Journey of Oscar Romero
Thomas P. Rausch: What Is Dominican Priesthood?
Grace Adolphsen Brame: Evelyn Underhill and the Mastery of Time
Mary Ann Fatula: Current Trends: And All Shall Be Well

Spring 1991, Vol. 43, No. 1 -
William G. Thompson, S.J.: Witnessing the Risen Lord: El Salvador and the United States
Mary Ann Fatula: Contemplata Aliis Tradere: Spirituality and Thomas Aquinas, The Preacher
Marygrace Peters, O.P.: The Beguines: Feminine Piety Derailed
Mary Anne McPherson Oliver: Conjugal Spirituality (or Radical Proximity): A New Form of Con-templ-ation
Megan McKenna: Current Trends: 1492 A.D. Remembering Five-hundred Years

Summer 1991, Vol. 43, No. 2 -
John Farrelly: Notes on Mysticism in Today's World
Wayne Teasdale: Interreligious Dialogue Since Vatican II The Monastic Contemplative Dimension
Mitzi Minor: The Women of the Gospel of Mark and Contemporary Women's Spirituality
John Sullivan: Edith Stein's Humor and Compassion
Belden C. Lane: Current Trends: Encounter at Ghost Ranch: Reflections on Desert Spirituality

Fall 1991, Vol. 43, No. 3 -
Nadine Foley: Catherine of Siena's Wisdom and Spirituality
Mary Catherine Hilkert: "Grace-Optimism": The Spirituality at the Heart of Schillebeeckx's Theology
Edward C. Sellner: Like a Kindling Fire: Meanings of Friendship in the Life and Writings of Augustine
Antonio Moreno OP: Demons According to St. Teresa and St. John of the Cross
Michael Downey: Current Trends Understanding Christian Spirituality: Dress Rehearsal for a Method

Winter 1991, Vol. 43, No. 4 -
Mary Lou Kownacki: Giving Birth to the God of Peace in an Age of Unrest
Kathleen McGuire: A Religious Community in Discernment: Renewing the Face of the Earth
James Cormack: Reflections on Service to the Poor
Edward J. van Merrienboer: The Prayer of the Just One
Mary Ann Fatula: Current Trends: Catherine of Siena and Our Call to the Work of Justice and Peace

Spring 1992, Vol. 44, No. 1 -
Brian Pierce: Bartolomé de las Casas and Truth: Toward a Spirituality of Solidarity
Doris Donnelly: Pilgrims and Tourists
John Noffsinger: Julian of Norwich and the Enigma of Divine Revelation
Stephen Hatch: Desert Faith
Megan McKenna: "Beyond this place, there be dragons!"

Summer 1992, Vol. 44, No. 2 -
Walter Principe: Aquinas' Spirituality for Christ's Faithful Living in the World
Carla Mae Streeter: The Ecclesial Person of the Third Millennium
Mary Catherine Hilkert: Bearing Wisdom: The Vocation of the Preacher
Mary Margaret Pazdan: Streaming Waters
Belden Lane: Sacred Place as Axis Ordinarii