Spirituality Today: Index by Authors

Yr./No. First Name Last Name Titles
831 B. Akers Electronic Communications, Community, Church
803 Jon Alexander Recent Writers of Spirituality
902 Jon Alexander Job Considered as a Conversion Account
794 M.L. Anderson Infidelity to the Creation
811 C. Antonsen Liturgy as a Source of Spiritual Direction
883 James Arraj Jungian Spirituality:The Question of Victor White
811 B. Ashley St. Catherine of Siena: Spiritual Direction
792 Benedict Ashley What Do We Pray in the Lord's Prayer?
813 W. Au Theology of Human Growth
883 Elizabeth Bellefontaine A Spirituality of Meaningful Experiences: Some Biblical Lessons
792 Paul J. Bernadicou Luke-Acts and Contemporary Spirituality
881 Daniel Berrigan War in Heaven, Peace on Earth
873 R. Boyd and J.G. Myers Overcoming Leadership Scarcity: Discerning the Spiritual Journey
901 Doris Boyko Profiles in Spirituality: Angel of the Prisons
904 Grace Adolphsen Brame Evelyn Underhill and the Mastery of Time
791 C.J. Breitfeller Reflections on Criminal Justice
894 Joel Brende and Elmer McDonald Post-Traumatic Spiritual Alienation and Recovery in Vietnam Combat Veterans
88S Sheila Briggs The Spiritual Body Politic
882 James R. Brockman Pastoral Teaching of Archbishop Oscar Romero
904 James R. Brockman The Spiritual Journey of Oscar Romero
794 C. Brousseau Religious Vows: Expanding Perspective;
903 Patrick J. Burke The Spirituality of Taize
864 Richard Butler George Santayana: Catholic Atheist
794 F. Cardman Ministry & Spirituality: A Marian Perspective
834 F. Cardman Singleness & Spirituality
813 G. Casilis/J. Klein Lutheran Spirituality
882 A. J. V. Chandrakanthan The Silence of Buddha and His Contemplation of the Truth
792 Peter Chirico Spirituality and Infallibility
812 J.F. Chorpenning Eucharist: Model for Relationships
843 J.F. Chorpenning St. Theresa of Avila's Life Today
803 P. Coff Benedictine Spirituality & India's Religion
821 M. Collins Spirituality for a Lifetime
824 J. & W. Conn St. Therese: Conversion as SelfTranscendence
914 James Cormack Reflections on Service to the Poor
872 P. Coy The Incarnational Spirituality of Dorothy Day
833 M.H. Crosby Celibasy as Fasting
872 J. Crowley Spiritual Direction: Orientation, Relationship, process
824 J.T. Culliton Commitment through the Personalization of Time
862 C. Cummings The Best Place to Live
891 Charles Cummings Exploring Eco-Spirituality
791 W.M. Cunningham Power: Finding It & Using It
843 M.R. D'Angelo Mark & Matthew: Jesus & the Christian Vocation
853 M.R. D'Angelo Luke & John: Jesus & the Christian Call
791 S. Dailey Changing Role of Women
873 L. Davino Francis of Assisi: Metaphor of Franciscan Maturity
892 Marie de Lourdes Mates Thomas Merton: Man of Many Journeys
802 C. De Celles Confucius: On the Path to Life
831 M. Dempsey Electronic Media: Prospects for Ecclesial Life & Mission
854 R. Dewey Qoheleth & Job: Divine Responses to Evil
821 G. Dimock Reconciliation: Rite & Life
853 D.A. Dombrowski Virtue of Boldness
921 Doris Donnelly Pilgrims and Tourists
792 Leonard Doohan The Spiritual Value of Leisure
901 Leonard Doohan Current Trends: Scripture and Contemporary Spirituality
864 Michael Downey Jean Vanier: Recovering the Heart
881 Michael Downey A Balm for All Wounds:The Spiritual Legacy of Etty Hillesum
913 Michael Downey Current Trends Understanding Christian Spirituality: Dress Rehearsal for a Method
893 Connie Doyle 'Experiment in Green': Emily Dickinson's Search for Faith
863 E. Dreyer Spirituality for the Laity
873 E. Dreyer Tradition and Lay Spirituality: Problems and Possibilities
834 P. Drilling Spirituality for the Secular Priest
864 Michael K. Duffey Called to Be Holy: The Reconvergence of Christian Morality and Spirituality
831 P. DuMaine Spirituality in the Electronic World
812 P. Dunn/D. Helminiak Spiritual Practices for the Elderly
844 R. Englert St. Antony's Entombment
791 T. Eugene Spirituality & Solidarity with the Poor
893 Donald Evans New Perspectives for a Theology of Peace
912 John Farrelly Notes on Mysticism in Today's World
842 M.A. Fatula Holy Spirit Hidden in Human Weakness
864 Mary Ann Fatula Current Trends: On Calling God "Father"
882 MaryAnn Fatula Current Trends:The Ministry of Reconciliation
884 MaryAnn Fatula Current Trends: The Peace of God
892 MaryAnn Fatula Current Trends: Feasts of Grace
894 MaryAnn Fatula Current Trends: Good News to the Poor
902 MaryAnn Fatula Current Trends: Living a Trinitarian Faith
904 MaryAnn Fatula Current Trends: And All Shall Be Well
911 MaryAnn Fatula Contemplata Aliis Tradere: Spirituality and Thomas Aquinas, The Preacher
914 MaryAnn Fatula Current Trends: Catherine of Siena and Our Call to the Work of Justice and Peace
861 B. Finan The Holy Spirit: An Issue in Theology
801 J. Finnegan St. Catherine in England: The Orcherd of Syon
802 K. Fischer Mysticism of Simone Weil & Teilhard de Chardin
801 M.W. Flood St. Cathrines's Dialogue: Thomistic Elements
901 Jerry Flora Searching for an Adequate Life: The Devotional Theology of Thomas R. Kelly
913 Nadine Foley Catherine of Siena's Wisdom and Spirituality
88S James A. Forbes, Jr. Wake Up and Dream
88S James W. Fowler Prophetic Vocations: Parables of the Kingdom
792 Matthew Fox Current Trends: Toward a North American Spirituality
901 Sheila Gallagan Sheltered by the Mercy: St. Catherine's Gentle Way
863 B. Gallagher A Yoga "Advance" in a Zen Retreat
861 J.S. Galligan The Augustinian Connection: Beatitudes and Gifts
851 John Sheila Galligan The Tension between Poverty and Possessions in the Gospel of Luke
812 C.A. Garcia-Allen Pelagius: Liturgical Roots of Spirituality
834 D. Gelpi Thematic vs. Transmuting Grace (Part 2)
833 D.L. Gelpi Thematic vs. Transmuting Grace (Part 1)
852 V. Gilbreth Can Dominicans Really Be Lay People?
822 A.E. Gilles Teilhards' Gospel of Human Effort
841 J.P. Gillespie Life Crises in the Christian Family
874 A. Gittins Communities of Concern and Close-up Countryfolk: A Parable of Survival
861 A.J. Gittins Ecology and World Poverty: A Chrisitian Response
903 Anthony J. Gittins Grains of Wheat: Culture, Agriculture, and Spirituality
863 J. Grace Philosophy and Spirituality: Gabriel Marcel
871 D. Greene Adhering to God: The Message of Evelyn Underhill for Our Times
851 James Grote Death and the Heresy of Success
844 R.M. Gula Using Scripture: Prayer & Spiritual Direction
824 R. Haight Christological Spirituality & Social Justice
793 R.D. Haight Institutional Grace & Corporate Spirtuality (Part 1)
794 R.D. Haight Institutional Grace & Corporate Spirituality (Part 2)
883 Catherina Halkes Feminism and Spirituality
881 Patience Hardebeck Benedictine Health Care:Making the Preferential Option
884 Paul Harris Silent Teaching: The Life of Dom John Main
841 K. & T. Hart Call to Holiness in Scristian Marriage
854 J. Harvill Focus on Jesus: The Letter to the Hebrews
921 Stephen Hatch Desert Faith
803 T. Heath St. Dominic's Failure
811 T. Heath Dominican Spiritual Direction
872 J. Heisig East-West Dialogue: Sunyata and Kenosis (Part I)
873 J. Heisig East-West Dialogue: Sunyata and Kenosis (Part II)
841 M.K. Hellwig Spirituality for the Single Parent
874 D. Helminiak Catholicism's Spiritual Limbo: A Shift in "Incarnational Spirituality"
862 D.A. Helminiak Modern Science on Pain and Suffering: A Christian Perspective
892 Daniel Helminiak Colloquy: A Response to Sister Kathleen McDonagh
88S Theodore M. Hesburgh Introduction
862 M.C. Hilkert The Dominican Charism: A Living Tradition of Grace
913 Mary Catherine Hilkert "Grace-Optimism": The Spirituality at the Heart of Schillebeeckx's Theology
922 Mary Catherine Hilkert Bearing Wisdom: The Vocation of the Preacher
813 W. Hilton Parable of the Pilgrim
791 L. Hoppe Biblical Faith & Global Justice
833 S. Hutchens Three Flemish Mystics
871 K. Ingram The Goddess: Can We Bring Her into Church?
894 Kristen Johnson Ingram Good News for Modern Women: The Gospel of John
883 Philip Jewett Clara Barton: Soldier's Friend
794 P. Johnson God Believe in Us; P. Mojzes, Christian-Marxist DialoguE
852 T.J. Johnston Origins of the Dominican Laity: Franciscan & Dominican Influences
824 E. Kallas Sprituality of Luther
833 E. Kallas Catholic Spiritual Renewal & the Reformation
854 E. Kallas Alexis de Tocqueville: New World Spirituality
852 D.M.F. Kaminsky Secular Franciscans: Bearers of Peace, Messengers of Joy
812 R.A. Keifer Spirituality of Mystery
842 K. Kelsey Gift of Loneliness
821 C. Kiesling Christian Marriage Spirituality and Liturgy
793 C. Kiesling Aquinas on Social Justice in Christian Life
831 C. Kiesling Liturgy via Electronic Communications
891 Mary Kay Kinberger Conversion
861 M.A. King Naaman and the Wild God of Israel
903 Nathan R. Kollar Toward a Spirituality of Pain
802 J.N. Kotre Sowing the Seed: Archetype of Fruitfulness
914 Mary Lou Kownacki Giving Birth to the God of Peace in an Age of Unrest
842 H.D. Kreilkamp Bonhoeffer: Prophet of Human Solidarity
843 R. Kress Vespering: On Bent Days in Autumn
912 Belden C. Lane Current Trends: Encounter at Ghost Ranch: Reflections on Desert Spirituality
922 Belden Lane Sacred Place as Axis Ordinarii
882 Michael G. Lawler Christian Marriage and Christian Ministry
851 David J. Leigh Toward a Sacrament of the World
852 R.A. Lewis Making the Dominican Family a Reality
892 Scott Lewis Balthasar Alvarez and The Prayer of Silence
893 Joel C. Lewton Reformed Spirituality: Towards the Development of a Transcendent Community
834 R. Mackenzie The Desert Tradition of Prayer
872 W. Marceau The Influence of Italian and Spanish Mystics on St. Francis De Sales
88S Abp. Eugene A. Marino Key-Note Address: Protest, Prayer, and Prophecy
814 T.F. Martin St. Augustine & Christian Life
844 R. Masson Rahner's Spiritual Legacy
904 Suzanne Mayer The Poverty of Waiting and Its Riches
873 S. McCarty Centering Prayer Trinitarian?
891 Kathleen McDonagh Colloquy: "Catholicism's Spiritual Limbo": A Response to Daniel A. Helminiak
823 E. McDonough Spirituality & Law: The New Code
841 K. & J. McGinnis Parenting for Peace & Justice
914 Kathleen McGuire A Religious Community in Discernment: Renewing the Face of the Earth
891 Megan McKenna Current Trends: Whose Child is This?
893 Megan McKenna Current Trends: Living Stones
901 Megan McKenna Poetry: Visitation II
903 Megan McKenna Current Trends: Desert Passion
911 Megan McKenna Current Trends: 1492 A.D. Remembering Five-hundred Years
921 Megan McKenna "Beyond this place, there be dragons!"
892 Thomas McKenna Providence as Courage for Renewal
861 F.G. McLeod Apophatic or Kataphatic Prayer?
823 J. Miller/S. Tugwell What is the Dominican Charisma?
912 Mitzi Minor The Women of the Gospel of Mark and Contemporary Women's Spirituality
843 A.M. Minton Spirituality of Berulle
821 N. Mitchell Spirituality of Christian Worship
882 Hilda Montalvo The Spiritual Director as Mediator of Meaning
804 A.S. Moraczewski St. Albert the Great: A Vision of the Universe
893 Antonio Moreno Ecumenism, Archetypes, and Symbols
913 Antonio Moreno OP Demons According to St. Teresa and St. John of the Cross
902 Thomas Morris Gifted for the Journey: The Art of Spiritual Direction
862 D. Murphy Can a Christian Be a Pacifist?
803 T. Myott Ecclesial Base of Lay Spirituality
803 M. Neuman/J. Nash Pluralistic Church: Authority, Obedience & Initiative (Part 1)
804 M. Neuman/J. Nash Pluralsitic Church: Authority, Obedience & Initiative (Part 2)
841 F. W. Nichols Spiritual Journey of the Nuclear Family
793 F.W. Nichols Family Spirituality
801 S. Noffke Demythologizing Catherine
891 Suzanne Noffke Catherine of Siena and Ecclesial Obedience
921 John Noffsinger Julian of Norwich and the Enigma of Divine Revelation
902 John T. Noonan, Jr. Stars of the Order: Brilliance, Diversity, Reflecting and Reflected Light
864 Patrick F. O'Connell St. Francis of Assisi: The Spirituality of Conformation
801 M. O'Driscoll St. Catherine's View of Intercessory Prayer
881 Mary O'Driscoll Catherine the Theologian
802 D.J. O'Hanlon Nonviolence: Central Theme of Thomas Merton
861 T.F. O'Meara Modern Art and the Sacred: The Prophetic Ministy of Alain Couturier, OP
881 David K. O'Rourke Current Trends: "Sacro-Ethics"
832 F.M. Oben Edith Stein: Holiness in the Twentieth Century
853 M. Oliva The Call to Act Justly: Facing Our Fears
911 Mary Anne McPherson Oliver Conjugal Spirituality (or Radical Proximity): A New Form of Con-templ-ation
802 C. Osiek Dilemma of the Feminist Believer
884 Carolyn Osiek Images of God: Breaking Boundaries
841 L. & N. Parent Parents: First Preachers of the Word
851 Stanley F. Parmisano Social Justice: The Broader Perspective
834 F. Parrella Spirituality, Transcendence & Therapeutic Culture
922 Mary Margaret Pazdan Streaming Waters
833 M.B. Pennington Christian Way to Transformation
871 H. Perelmuter Transcendence in Context: A Contemporary Jewish View
891 Hayim Goren Perelmuter Judaism and Transcendence: From Abraham to the Late Middle Ages
911 Marygrace Peters, O.P. The Beguines: Feminine Piety Derailed
793 P.J. Philibert Dominican Spirituality for Preaching
921 Brian Pierce Bartolomé de las Casas and Truth: Toward a Spirituality of Solidarity
903 Jim Grote Prestige Simone Weil's Theory of Social Force
922 Walter Principe Aquinas' Spirituality for Christ's Faithful Living in the World
821 F.C. Quinn Sacraments of Initiation & Christian Life
88S Albert J. Raboteau A Hidden Wholeness: Thomas Merton and Martin Luther King, Jr.
823 S. Rakoczy Charismatic Spirituality
814 B. Ramsey Church Father on the Human Condition
804 T.P Rausch Spirituality of the Augsberg Confession
904 Thomas P. Rausch What Is Dominican Priesthood?
801 M.S. Reges St. Catherine: Daughter of Divine Wisdom
814 W. Reiser Prayer for the Forgiveness of Enemies
843 W. Reiser Thinking & Believing about God
863 W. Reiser Adam in Hiding
822 J. Renard Islamic Religious Experience
823 J. Renard Christian Response to Islam
883 Ray Repp Current Trends: A Modest Proposal to Composers of Liturgical Music
832 J. Risley Liberation Sprituality
831 M. Rodgers Electronic Media & the Spritual Life
882 Joyce Rogers Mysticism as a Way of Spirituality
863 D. Roth Charismatic Confusion
793 K.C. Russell Novels for Meditiation: Themes from Saul Bellow
874 M.A. Rygiel Prayer: Soul in Paraphrase
822 P. Scanlon 'The Poor Have the Gospel Preached to Them'
871 S. Schneiders Evangelical Equality: Religious Consecration, Mission, And Witness (Part II)
864 Sandra M. Schneiders Evangelical Equality: Religious Consecration, Mission, and Witness (Part I)
88S Sandra Schneiders Religious Life: The Dialectic Between Marginality and Transformation
814 P. Schneller Tensions of the Incarnational Spirituality
832 S.M. Schnieders Women's Experience & Their Spirituality
902 Vilma Seelaus Teresa, Feminism, and The Humanity of Christ
851 Edward C. Sellner Discernment of Vocation for Pastoral Ministry
913 Edward C. Sellner Like a Kindling Fire: Meanings of Friendship in the Life and Writings of Augustine
791 D. Senior Ministy: Gospel of Matthew & Social Justice
884 Emma Shackle Prayer Landscapes and the Nature of Illusion
853 S. Sia Job's Question
792 Gerard S. Sloyan Why Is Christianity Resisted Today?
884 Dennis C. Smolarskx The Spirituality of Computers
813 P. Snell Prophetic Dimension of the Christian Vocation
842 P. St. Romain Dreams & Christian Growth
811 M. Stock Dominican Direction: A Dominican Perspective
894 Robert Stoudt How Does Your Garden Grow? A Spiritual Exercise
813 T.B. Stratman Experiential Spirituality: The Boy & the Hen
823 T.B. Stratman St. Francis of Assisi: Brother to Creatures
922 Carla Mae Streeter The Ecclesial Person of the Third Millennium
912 John Sullivan Edith Stein's Humor and Compassion
862 W. Teasdale The Meeting of East and West: Elements of a Relationship
912 Wayne Teasdale Interreligious Dialogue Since Vatican II The Monastic Contemplative Dimension
911 William G. Thompson, S.J. Witnessing the Risen Lord: El Salvador and the United States
832 S. Torvend Lay Spirituality in Medieval Christianity
844 S.E. Torvend Bible & Lay Spirituality in the Middle Ages
854 C.B. Trutter Journey of Young Adults
821 R.E. Trutter The Catechumenate: Paradigm for Living
791 Edward J. van Merrienboer Toward a Social Spirituality
822 Edward J. van Merrienboer Schillebeeckx on Christian Ministry
914 Edward J. van Merrienboer The Prayer of the Just One
854 R.J. Vanden Busch Quaker Spirituality: Value of Silence
812 J.C. Vas Yoga & Christian Sprituality
874 P. Veliyathil Thomas Merton: A Modern Arjuna
822 B.T. Viviano Schillebeeckx's Jesus & Christ
851 Clare Wagner Current Trends: Spirituality in a Dark Age: Some Reflections
814 L.J. Weber Practical, Utopian & Poor-Just Stewards
804 R.K. Weber Historical Quality of Sanctity: Albert & Catherine
852 R.K. Weber Sharing Responsibility for the Church
88S Sharon Welch The Beloved Community
792 Dick Westley Intimacy with God-The Christian Irony
842 James and Evelyn Whitehead Evolution of Stewardship
872 James and Evelyn. Whitehead The Shape of Compassion: Reflections on Catholics and Homosexuality
894 James and Evelyn Whitehead The Gift of Prophecy
901 Clifford Williams Moral Beauty
883 Anne Wilson Holistic Spirituality
892 James Wiseman Teaching Spiritual Theology: Methodological Considerations
831 R. Woods Religious Symbol & Spirituality in an Electroinc World
853 R. Woods Spirituality of the Celtic Church
804 R. Zawilla St. Albert the Great: Symbolic Consciousness
844 J.V. Zeitz Stages of Faith & the Gospel of Mark